Rediscover your self

Sunday May 22th | 10am – 1pm

Half day course with Gen Shenyen

We all have a self, but rarely do we ask ourselves who we really are. We believe that we are a product of our past, that our life has shaped us in a certain way and that we therefore have little room to really change.

Buddha shows us that we are fundamentally mistaken in our perception. When we look with wisdom at the presumably unchangeable I, we realize that it is a mere thought, an appearance of our mind. This insight and experience frees us from all the limited and painful views we have of ourselves. We become free to be the person we wish to be – a happy person.

Session times:

10 – 11:15 am + 11:45am – 1pm

Course Fee each part: 30 Euro 

Each course consists of two sessions with guided meditations and explanations. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. We look forward to seeing you!


buddhist nun Gen Shenyen


Kadampa Meditationszentrum Wiesbaden

Herderstr. 17

65185 Wiesbaden

Course Fee

10 €

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Our classes are  both in-person and online

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