Jewels in our heart

Wednesdays 7 – 8:30 pm with buddhist nun Gen Shenyen 

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Course fee: 10 €

The purpose of meditation is to familiarize our mind with the insights and aspirations that naturally produce happiness. If we do this regularly, those peaceful and happiness-inducing states of mind, such as love, compassion, and wisdom, naturally spill over into our life. We become more confident and joyful in ourselves, more skillful at dealing with adversity, and more beneficial to others. Indeed, we begin to experience our life as something magical, imbued with great meaning and purpose, and we begin to get a taste of our mind’s boundless potential.
In this series Gen Shenyen will explain essential meditations on the spiritual path, Lamrim, and help us to gain experience of them through guided meditations. This will allow us to establish a practice according to our own level and personal situation, so that we come to enjoy the life-transforming benefits of meditation.
Also, we will be familiarizing ourself with the prayers Heart Jewel so as to be able to use them for our personal practice.

5 June – How spiritual realizations protect us from suffering

12 June – Karma: the law of cause and effect

19 June – Karma: understanding the effects of our actions

Everyone is welcome!
At the end of the class there is time for discussion and questions.
Treat yourself to the peace and fulfillment meditation can offer.

Why meditate?

Buddhist meditation gives us a profoundly optimistic perspective on our lives and our potential. Our human mind is amazing, and if we learn to harness its power, we can not only solve our day to day problems but put an end to all our suffering altogether. Eventually we can experience the clear, pure nature of our mind – a radiant, permanent happiness.

Where should we start if we want to discover the effectiveness of these instructions for ourselves? It is essential that we learn to meditate. Through meditation we can experience the potential and power of our own mind.

We will explore how to develop or improve a meditation practice that enables us to train our mind.

Meditation is a tried and tested method to lead us to a state of inner peace and profound joy.

With buddhist nun Gen Shenyen

Gen Kelsang Shenyen has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism since 1994 under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Gen Shenyen shows clearly and practically how we can solve our problems and live a profoundly meaningful life through integrating Buddha’s timeless teachings into our daily life.

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